What Will PlanMaryland Do?

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PlanMaryland is all about the future. It proposes to build on existing State and local plans and programs toward a new level of accountability from State agencies and local governments. The focus is not on new programs, more money or more State control. Instead, a new emphasis would be placed on the ways in which individual State agencies and local governments coordinate and work together on their respective responsibilities and actions.

There are no quick fixes or silver bullets. These efforts will occur over time and will require some changes in the way we approach land use planning. PlanMaryland would establish targets for development and resource conservation that are consistent with common State and local goals. They would be supported by the plans and programs of both State and local governments. State agencies, through their capital and non-capital resources, programs, and procedures would place a priority on these common areas. State agencies and local governments contemplating actions that might contradict established goals and commitments will have to identify potential conflicts and resolve them.

PlanMaryland will emphasize planning that encourages us to be more efficient and less wasteful of valuable resources. It will require that we acknowledge limits to growth and development, be more mindful of costs and benefits, and assist us in making the necessary trade-offs to balance between growth, development and the protection of valuable natural, cultural and historic resources.

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