How Will PlanMaryland Relate To The 12 Visions?

photo of street viewThe 2009 Smart, Green, and Growing Legislation passed by the Maryland General Assembly outlined 12 Planning Visions toward a more sustainable, more livable, and less costly future. The Visions address quality of life, public participation, growth areas, community design, infrastructure, transportation, housing, economic development, environmental protection, resource conservation, stewardship and implementation approaches. Local jurisdictions are required to include the Visions in their local comprehensive plans and implement them through zoning ordinances and other land development and preservation regulations. Improving planning coordination within State government and between the State and local plans would help accomplish the following:

  • Concentrate residential and business development in and around existing developed areas and strategically selected new areas
  • Develop a variety of transit options to better connect residential, retail, educational, recreational, and employment opportunities without sole reliance on automobiles
  • Increase affordable housing options
  • Make neighborhoods and communities more walkable
  • Ensure adequate water resources and infrastructure to accommodate population and business growth
  • Better protect natural resources, such as the Chesapeake and coastal bays, forests, agricultural land and open space
  • Reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions resulting from more efficient transportation choices
  • Preserve community sense of place and historic character

These are just some of the benefits that are possible through implementation of the Visions and improved coordination between the State and local governments.

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